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百万英镑中英 百度网盘下载地址 请采纳 3.必修三Unit 3 THEMILLION POUND BANK NOTE百万英镑 Act I, Scene 3第一幕,第三场 NARRATOR: 旁白: It is thesummer of 1903. Two old and wealthy brothers, Roderick and Olive... 求采纳

Released in the US as Man With a Million,The Million Pound Note is a satisfying adaptation of a satirical short story by Mark Twain.Gregory Peck plays Henry Adams,an impecunious American living by his wits in London.Henry becom...



A penniless seaman Henry Adams gets caught up in an unusual wager between two wealthy, eccentric brothers, Oliver and Roderick Montpelier. They persuade the Bank of England to issue a one million pound banknote, which they pres...

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